Da Fat Vegan: Walter's Story

One of the most amazing things about being on the journey to a healthier, more purposeful life, is knowing you are not alone. Whether it’s having an accountability partner to slap your hand when you reach for something you’ve sworn off or a workout buddy who pushes you to go that last 5 minutes, community and partnership are vital to success. When I began my journey years ago, I lived in a house full of additives, preservatives, and meat-eaters. I’m a GRIT (Girl Raised In the South) and that’s the home that I built. Everything is to be fried, smothered, and covered in gravy. And I love myself some gravy!

The decision to start clean eating was well before Facebook Groups and the popularity of lifestyles that included being vegan or vegetarian, practicing yoga, or focusing on mental, spiritual, and emotional health as a way of bettering oneself. It wasn’t easy and I have had plenty of set back, fall out, and towels that were thrown in. The last three years have been the best, most consistent for me, and it shows up in my spirit and within my body, every day. Now I look forward to every opportunity to share my passion and my journey with others.

I’m not your conventional, strictly by the book girl, and I think that’s what makes my sharing so relational. Every once in a while I come across a like-minded soul and am motivated to shine some light on their sparkle. That was certainly the case with Walter Nelson. I had the opportunity to chat with this amazing brother who has recently begun walking the green mile (all pun intended) to make better choices for his health and longevity. I came across Walter in a cigar group and had no idea that he’d recently become vegan until we became social media buds. He’s a pretty dope guy and it was a pleasure chatting with him:

Where are you from?

Chicago, IL Westside Baby

What WERE your favorite foods?

Fish, Wings and Ribs

Mine too Walter. Mine too!! Lawd

What are your NEW favorite foods?

Oyster Mushrooms, Black Eyed Peas, SMOOTHIES, All Veggies

How long have you been vegan?

Since 1/1/20

What occurred in your life that caused you to change your eating habits?

I was going thru the toughest stretch in my Life. Jobs weren't working out, my marriage was going south. I needed a change for the better. I told myself Health and Wealth in 2020. I did it for a mindset Cleanse and everything else fell in place.

***Yasssss Walter! Yasssss!!!****

What are your hobbies?

I love Sports, Shooting Pool, playing Cards, and Traveling. A cigar every blue moon is Nice.

What is your profession?

Sr.Quality Control Specialist in Banking

How has your mind and spirit changed since beginning your journey to a healthier lifestyle of eating?

I feel Great. My attitude is more positive. I'm more aware of the things I put in my body and I enjoy sharing my food creations. Life is GOOD!

What advice would you give someone considering the vegan lifestyle?

Go For it. Consistency, Commitment, and Creativity

See, isn't Walter awesome?! I keep up with his recipes and his journey on his page, Da Fat Vegan. Check him out here:


This journey is about health, not size; creating a body that lives, moves, and thrives. What that looks like varies from person to person. In the words of Da Fat Vegan, "Go For It."

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