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About Debbie R. Smith

Hello Marvelous!!

So you clicked the button that directs you to information about who I am. Good luck with that. I'm on a daily journey of finding and cultivating exactly "who" I am. I CAN tell you that I'm a true GRIT, born and raised, Being a Girl Raised In The South means that I'm a woman of strength, hope, faith and perseverance. 

I'm passionate about building relationships and partnering with others to help them navigate the journey that we are all on, called Life! It's no small undertaking, but it's my purpose and joy to see those that I connect with become their Best Self.


I'm a motivational speaker because once upon a time I needed motivation and couldn't find any that fit who and where I was. I decided that there are more people out there like me and someone has to be a voice, so here I am.


I'm a writer because I can reach more people,  more often when my words are in print. And because my Pop said that I was long overdue to become one.

This "About Me" section will evolve. Stay tuned. As I  journey, I'll share. As I grow, you'll know.


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